Concrete Repairs

Concrete repairs are generally needed when steel reinforcing bars corrode causing expansion and blistering or collapse of the surrounding concrete. RTC use the specialist corrosion inhibitors and repair mortars to reinstate damaged concrete and provide improve resistance as well as a waterproof layer.


The repair systems can be used to protect, waterproof and strengthen a wide range of concrete statures including bridges, tunnels, car parks, parapets and balconies.

In some instances treatment make involve simply repairing cracks in concrete which are either causing leakage (in the case of swimming pools or holding tanks) or allowing water ingress which may eventually lead to exposure and corrosion of the integral reinforcing elements.

Often early diagnosis and treatment may prevent much more serious and extensive (and therefore expensive) works in the future.

Concrete Repairs

We are approved and trained by some of the worlds leading manufacturers of concrete repair systems.

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