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Rising Damp Treatment, Damp Proofing, Damp and Timber Surveys throughout Preston and Lancashire.

Rising Dampness is dampness rising from the ground within the wall structure. rising-dampWhen properties are constructed a damp proof course is generally installed. Over time some of these systems break down or are compromised allowing rising damp to occur. This dampness can result in spoiled decoration, loss of heating and can lead to the development of fungal decay.

When a property has a damp or rot problem it can eventually cause structural problems leading to what could be very costly to fix. Identifying and solving the problem before it’s too late is inevitably the sensible option.

Damp Survey in Preston

The first step to finding the cause of rising damp is to book a survey. We’re morerising damp contractor preston than happy to provide our services to both domestic and commercial customers in Preston and the surrounding areas. When you book a damp survey with RTC (Remedial Treatment Consultants) our fully qualified PCA (members of the Property Care Association) surveyors will assess and identify the signs of damp and the extent of any damage affecting your property.

We provide extensive damp proofing inspections by  fully qualified surveyors who will visit your property in Preston. They will assess and correctly diagnose the extent and type of dampness affecting your property.

Our experts will propose specialist damp proofing treatments to treat and be effective at eradicating any damp problem. Our rising damp treatments are covered by a long-term guarantee which can be passed on to future owners of the property.

Having over 26 years experience in successful damp treatments and control, RTC has gained an invaluable reputation over the years. Choosing RTC to carry out the work to correct damp problems you can rest assured the job will be completed to a very high specification.

With an expert team of technicians and using only the very best industry led damp treatments, we can help with the following:

Damp Proofing – Rising Damp

Damp will cause significant damage to a property and should be rectified as soon as possible.

Rising damp can be identified by the following symptoms:

• Damp, musty odours
• Cold to touch at the lower portion of the wall
• Rotting of under floor timbers
• Crumbling or blistered plaster (due to salt contamination)

If you think you have a damp problem don’t leave it until the damage is extended even further. Contact RTC today and let our experts find the cause and provide a guaranteed solution to solve the issue.

Below are other damp problems that can arise in a property as well as rising damp:

Wet Rot (Moisture in Timber)

Wet rot is a result of timbers being subjected to moisture over a period of time. Wet rot can have many causes but it is always as a result of exposure to some form of dampness and excessive moisture. Correct inspection and a thorough survey will ensure the source of the moisture so we can eradicate the problem one and for all.

Dry Rot (Fungal Growth in Timber)

In most cases when dry rot is discovered it has usually already caused significant damage to the timbers. It is therefore extremely important to seek specialist inspection and treatment to find the cause of the problem and eradicate it for good.

Woodworm (Wood Boring Beetle Infestation)

There are various different species of wood-boring beetles but they all have one thing in common – to destroy timber.

RTC are Preston specialists in the eradication of woodworm and guarantee you can be sure that your woodworm problem will be gone for good.

RTC only use established, certified products you can trust and we provide real guarantees for our work.

If you would like to know more about how we can help solve your damp problem or would like to book a damp survey in Preston please get in touch

Our staff will work closely with you from survey stage, right through to the successful completion of the contract.