Rising Damp FAQs

I’ve had a couple of quotes and the areas they say I have rising damp are different?

This is because that although there appears to be a lot of companies carrying out damp proofing and building preservation works, only a very small minority are actually qualified to do so. In a lot of cases that damp proofing has been recommended it is not actually required.

Always employ a company with fully qualified surveyors and who are members of the Property Care Association (PCA). It’s a sad fact that some companies don’t even know there are national qualifications for this industry. If they are not qualified ask them WHY?

Why do quotes differ so much?

Some companies have bigger running costs than others, so this can always be a factor. In a lot of cases though prices differ because more work has been recommended by a company, for example replastering above the standard height of 1 meter may be required or cavities will require cleaning or more areas have been affected.

The cheapest price in some cases could cost you more money in the long run. Ask the companies exactly what they are doing and why?

Is replastering required following a damp proof course?

In nearly 100% of cases the answer is yes and is an integral part of a successful cure to rising damp. Some companies exclude replastering to make them cheaper than other companies.

Why do some companies charge for surveys?

Most professional companies will charge for surveys as they are not just quoting for work but are carrying out a full detailed diagnosis to determine the extent and cause of any defects and then recommending remedial measures to cure the problem. This is of financial benefit to you.

Some companies will reimburse the survey fee when you employ them to carry out the work. Most things in life are not free and some companies have been known to go out and quote for works that are not necessary to compensate for their time carrying out your free survey.

Are safe chemicals going to be used and do they smell?

We are environmentally friendly and only use the safest chemicals available for the specific treatment. These include the latest and most effective damp proofing creams and 1 hour re-entry insecticides. All our products have virtually no odour and can be used whilst the property is still occupied.

I’ve heard that guarantees are not worth the paper there written on, is this true?

Unfortunately in a lot of cases this is true. The majority of guarantees issued by so-called specialists are company guarantees, this means that if the company ceases to trade the guarantees are worthless.

As members of the Property Care Association (PCA) we can offer you independent insurance backed guarantees through the Guarantee Protection Insurance Company (GPI). This is genuine insurance and protects you even if we cease to trade.

A friend of a friend who is a builder said he can do this work for me?

I suggest you look at all the above again AND DON’T SAY WE DIDN’T WARN YOU!

For any queries on rising damp treatments and solutions or to book a survey please contact us

Our staff will work closely with you from survey stage, right through to the successful completion of the contract.